php website design north wales


I can offer a full range of website development services, from website design to content management systems.

Website design. I can design a website completely from scratch or integrate the design with any existing ideas or materials, such as a logo or brochure.

Content management systems. A lot of websites require an interface which enables you to login and easily edit the content, such as changing images or text. This is essential for an ecommerce site or for a site where the content changes on a regular basis.

Search engine optimisation. Once a website is up and running on the internet it needs to be easily located through the common search engines to maximise its impact on any potential customers or interested parties. By analysing the products, services and information within the site I can identify the associated keywords which will promote it higher up the search engine rankings. These keywords need to be placed at specific points within the site. This whole process needs to be periodically reviewed to keep the site ahead of its competitiors.

Specific examples. In the last year I have created updatable image galleries, a simple site embedded search engine, updatable PDF downloads and 'latest news' sections, and an online CV submission facility so that potential employees can submit their details directly into a company database.